Frequently Asked Questions

What is Warp Drive ?
Warp Drive is a software system that advertises for you across many websites (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc), exposing your product or service to billions of people on the internet. Warp Drive uses machine learning to optimize your ad campaigns and get you more revenue at the lowest possible costs. Without Warp Drive, you would have to create , check and test multiple ads across many marketing channels to see which ad copy, ad layouts, timing, networks, etc drove the most sales. This is extremely time consuming. Warp Drive acts as your digital marketing service department. You give it some keywords and a description of your product or service and it does all the work of creating ads and finding which ones make you the most in revenue.

How does Warp Drive work?
At a simplistically high level, Warp Drive creates ads for your product or service after you enter some keywords and a description of an ad. Warp Drive will automatically A/B test different ads using different words, timing, and across multiple ad networks (and much more). The machine learning system within Warp Drive will constantly try to see what new ads work and which don't. As Warp Drive optimizes your ad campaign, you should see your ROAS (return on ad spend) increase (assuming you have a product that the market wants).

What channels does Warp Drive support ?
Warp Drive operates across paid search (SEM), email, programmatic display, and social media .

Can Warp Drive use paid or organic campaigns ?
Warp Drive operates almost exclusively on paid ads (for now).

What does Warp Drive use to optimize ?
Warp Drive optimizes just about everything. Warp Drive’s optimization process is applied to all aspects of your campaigns, including budget allocation, bid management, audience and geographic targeting, creative matching and sequencing, and much more.

Does Warp Drive only execute campaigns, or just make recommendations and analyze results ?
Warp Drive's primary job is execution. Execution is a core component of Warp Drive’s value proposition. Your campaigns will be managed by Warp Drive 24×7 so you don’t have to spend time configuring or optimizing your campaigns once Warp Drive is launched.

Is Warp Drive B2C or B2B? ?
Warp Drive can be used for either but is best suited for campaigns where there is a clear goal (a customer buys or performs some action). The optimization process works best when the goal is either reached or not reached.

Does Warp Drive have a minimum campaign duration ?
While there is no minimum campaign duration, Warp Drive is architected to evolve, learn, and improve it's performance over time as it continuously learns and key data points accumulate. You will see better results if you let your campaign run for at least 7 days, so that you can see results of your campaign improve.

Does Warp Drive support all geographies and languages?
Yes. Currently, the user interface is in the English language only, but Warp Drive runs campaigns at a global level and can target audiences and inventory in any country or language. If you need our UI localized in a specific language, please reach out to us at help (at) warpdrive.ai

Is there anything Warp Drive doesn't do ?
Warp Drive does not define your strategy or develop your creatives. You are responsible for setting the strategic direction for Warp Drive to follow, including the goals and the overall scope of your campaigns. Warp Drive will handle all of the computational and data-centric tasks associated with the optimization and measurement of your campaigns.